Man accused of purchasing car insurance at scene of crash



A Pennsylvania man allegedly called an insurance company from the scene of a crash he was involved in and purchased auto insurance and later claimed the accident happened a week after he got his policy.

Michael Traveny was charged with insurance fraud from a crash on August 21 in Duncansville.

Prosecutors say that Traveny did not have insurance so he called Safe Auto Insurance and purchased insurance the day of the crash without mentioning the crash to the insurance company.

He reportedly then filed a claim for $3,900 the next day mentioning that the policy had already been in effect.

Michael Traveny is scheduled for a preliminary hearing March 17.

The moral of this story?  Make sure you have proper auto insurance coverage BEFORE you get into a wreck.

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Ringling Bros. to discontinue the use of elephants in their shows


Ringling Bros. announced today that they will be retiring the elephant acts from all of their shows by 2018 due to public dispute of how their elephants are treated.

Ringling Bros. said the decision was not easy and was discussed thoroughly before a final decision was made to discontinue them.

There’s been somewhat of a mood shift among our consumers,” said Alana Feld, the company’s executive vice president. “A lot of people aren’t comfortable with us touring with our elephants.”

Feld Entertainment, the company that owns Ringling Bros. currently owns  43 elephants, some of which live on their 200-acre Center for Elephant Conservation in Polk City.

The circus will continue to use other animals in their shows, such as their new Mongolian troupe of camel stunt riders.

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Tampa Bay Rays announce Special Events for 2015 season


The Tampa Bay Rays season kickoff is just over a month away but the team has announced their special events for 2015.

They include a “Senior Prom for Senior Citizens” on April 26 and a  “Dog Day at the Rays” on the same day.

Other special events include “Father-Daughter Day” on June 14 and an Itailian heritage night, a salute to veterans and Star Wars night.

The Rays begin spring training Thursday in Port Charlotte against Baltimore and then kick off their regular season on April 6 at Tropicana Field against the Baltimore Orioles.

Do you enjoy taking the family to a baseball game?  It is afterall, America’s pastime.

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Gas prices on the rise throughout Florida


The days of $2.00 gas left as soon as it arrived.  The average gallon of gas in the Tampa area has gone up 17.2 cents per gallon in the past week, to an average of $2.41 per gallon.

Here is the bright side of things.  That is still  96.9 cents cheaper than it was a year ago today.

“The spring spike has hit pumps across the nation, and it certainly has motorists wonder what in the heck is going on,” said GasBuddy analyst Patrick DeHaan. “New records were broken last week in California as prices spiked at their fastest pace ever, even faster than when Chevron’s sprawling Richmond, Calif., refinery caught fire. Meanwhile, every single state – all 50 of them – saw a price increase in the last week, with a common theme behind the increases: refinery this, refinery that.”

There have been several events leading up to the price hike of oil, including the explosion at a California refinery and many refineries have shut down up north due to the cold.

The rising price of gasoline is scheduled to slow down and go down before the Memorial Day Weekend as the transition to summer gasoline wraps up.

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Could the Suncoast Parkway project be back on track in Citrus County?


It looks like some good news is coming for those who commute in the Citrus County area.

The long-awaited  Suncoast Parkway 2 project has been slow getting off the ground, but a new turnaround has happened that could help get the project up and starting.

Gov. Rick Scott has set aside $149 million for the project in his proposed budget.

The new proposed highway would go all the way up to State Road 44 and have an interchange at Homosassa.

The current road ends at the Hernando-Citrus county line.

If all goes according to plan, the extension could be completed as soon as 2019.

The total cost of the project could be about $223 million.

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26k Chrysler 200 models recalled after parking fears


Chrysler has issued a recall for its  Chrysler 200 equipped with a V-6 engine. There are an estimated 22,107 in the U.S.; 3,600 in Canada and 213 in Mexico.

There have been five reports of customers not being able to shift the car into park, which can cause  inadvertent movement.  There have been no accidents or injuries related to this issue.

Dealers will inspect and, if required, replace transmissions at no charge.  Until further notice, customers are advisted to apply their parking brake before shutting off their engine.

Customers with additional concerns may call 1-800-853-1403.

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Universal Orlando raises ticket prices following Walt Disney World


If you are visiting Universal Orlando anytime soon, you’re going to have to shell out a couple extra bucks to visit the boy wizard.

Universal announced that a one-day ticket to Universal jumped $6 to $102.  And a one-day two-park ticket is now $147.

This comes just days after Walt Disney World raised their ticket prices over the $100 mark.

A one-day one-park ticket to the Magic Kingdom is now $105 for adults.  Children are $99.  The other three parks, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom are $97 for visitors ages 10 and older. Children 3-9 are $91.

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Tampa Electric customers being warned of scam


TECO is warning customers in the Tampa Bay area of a new scam going around.  It involves people calling TECO customers making threats in hopes of getting your money.

According to the electric company, the people are calling customers threatening them that they owe money and then threatening to cut off their power if they don’t pay up.

The scam has apparently been around for a few years and is making its rounds again.  And not just in Tampa, but all over the country.

TECO says they are working with the local sheriff’s office and warning customers on social media about the scam.

TECO says they will never ask for your personal information such as credit or debit card numbers over the phone, if someone does, hang up.

If you have received a call from TECO and you are suspicious, you can call them directly and find out if the call was legit.

  • In Hillsborough County, call 813-223-0800
  • In Polk County, call 863-299-0800
  • In all other areas, call 1-888-223-0800

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19 manatees successfully rescued from drainage pipe in Satellite Beach


Workers worked tirelessly into Monday night working to free 19 manatees that got stuck inside a drainage pipe in Satellite Beach.

The manatees reportedly got stuck in search for warmer water and accidentally swam into the drainage pipe.

There were a total of 19 manatees stuck including a calf.  All 19 of them were examined by SeaWorld and eventually were released back into a pond that connects to the Indian River.

The rescue was a joint operation between the Satellite Beach Fire Department and Patrick Air Force Base personnel, FWC and SeaWorld Orlando.

All of the manatees were marked for future evaluation by marine biologists.

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New app helping the visually impaired in Tampa Bay area


A new app called “Be My Eyes” is helping the visually impaired in the Tampa Bay area and around the world.

The app works by the person logging into the app on their phone and then the app will direct the person to a sighted helper that will help them finish whatever task it is they need help with.

Jessica Tomlinson was born partially blind and loves the new app.

“I can read large print when I hold it close to my face, and I have enough vision to see furniture and large objects when I walk into a room,” said Jessica Tomlinson.

The app is giving people with limited vision like Jessica the freedom to do everyday tasks.

The app is available on iOS in the App Store.  View the apps official website here.

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