Robbery 101: Don’t pocket dial in the middle of your robbery


Today in dumb criminals, we tell the story of 29-year old Kyle Scott James of Mankato, 38-year old Jeramie Jason Ites of Mankato, and 29-year old Jessica June Friedrichs of Mankato, as they attempt to rob a business in North Mankato, Minnesota.

One of the members of the group dialed 911 via their smartphone in their pocket allowing police to track down their location while their 34-minute pocket phone call was going on.

“One of our dispatchers took a 9-1-1 call at 3:42 a.m. and she heard two voices on the other end.” said Blue Earth Sheriffs Department Captain Rich Murry.  The dispatcher listened in on the call and heard them mention things like  ‘I think I see the police’ as the police tracked them down.

The suspects were tracked down to the Sheriffs and Police Department Gun Range north of town, where they were arrested.

via KTOE

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