Top Spring Break destinations for 2015


With Spring Break 2015 in full swing, many are looking for that quick getaway.  From lush tropical beaches to the nightlife, there are plenty of affordable travel options for those looking for that perfect Spring Break getaway.

Florida as we know it is one of the top destinations for Spring Break’ers to travel to.

The sun is out, the temperatures are on the rise, so let’s take a look at the top Spring Break locations of 2015:

  • Daytona Beach – This is the obvious choice.  Daytona remains the Spring Break capital attracting thousands of visitors each year.  Plus it is in our own backyard and is within driving distance for many locals here in Florida!
  • Puerto Rico – This is a great option for those looking to get away and not have to worry about a passport or currency exchange.  Plus it is surprisingly affordable too.  Travel to Puerto Rico now to avoid the high summer travel prices.
  • Cancún – The incredibly clear blue waters of Cancún are a huge draw for Spring Break’ers, especially those in college.  Worried about a language barrier? No worries.  Many of the locals speak fluent English.

Where is your favorite location to spend Spring Break?  We have it pretty good right here in Florida as the temperatures climb into the 80’s!

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