ICF Dumbest Criminal of the Week: Real Life Raising Arizona

A real-life Raising Arizona movie moment played out last month when a Chicago mom (and I’m using that term loosely) decided to bring her 5-year-old son with her while her boyfriend robbed a bank, according to an article in the Chicago Sun Times.

Lauri L. Ruble, of Antioch, and Brandon Stancliff face federal charges after they loaded up the family truckster, and headed to the Wauconda Community Bank.Before leaving the house, Stancliff made sure to grab a kitchen knife, a bandana, and the kid.

Ruble then left Stancliff in the car with her son and went inside to get a head count of tellers. Ruble then returned to the car with her info, and Stancliff went back inside and robbed the bank with the knife he brought from home.

An informant later sold out the couple following the robbery. But Stancliff was not really hard to spot considering that most of his face is tattooed, which explains the bandana.

The couple were later arrested with $4,800 from their heist. Maybe next time they will use their stolen funds to hire a sitter.

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