Major Airlines Divert Flights to Avoid Solar Flare

Yesterday’s solar flare is being called one of the strongest storms in over six years, and major passenger airline companies, Delta and United are not taking any chances.

Because solar radiation storms could disrupt communications with air traffic control and flight navigation systems, some flights (on polar routes) will be flying further south than normal. Although, the flight path diversion is expected to only tack on an additional 15 minutes to those flights, according to Delta officials.

Here are some facts about solar flares according to NASA:

-A solar flare happens when magnetic energy is released rapidly by the solar atmosphere resulting in a release of radiation.

-When radiation is released into the electromagnetic spectrum it can interfere with long wavelength signals, causing many modern day communication devices to fail.

-Solar flares happen as part of the sun’s seven-year cycle.

-Large solar flares can emit energy that is ten million times greater than a volcanic explosion.

To watch video of the solar flare visit

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